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BudoCore is an MMA-lifestyle brand imparting the holistic benefits of mixed martial arts fitness in India.


WizCard turns your boring old Business Card into a Smart and Amazingly Simple Networking tool.


Huzzpa is an online interior design platform that helps customers design their homes by enabling the various players of the ecosystem with technology, processes & tools.

Web today has grown beyond the desktop, increasingly companies are adapting the web app which works seamlessly like a native app and costs a lot less to develop and maintain and also saves considerable amount of time. It is safe to say, the web is back. Over the past 5 years we have set up a solid team of Web designers and Web developers who can be readily deployed on a dedicated or shared model for your requirement. Our team of Website, Web app and web portal developers are here to take your venture to the next stage. Read customer reviews here.


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foOfys, a web design and web development firm, Bangalore has been an integral part of growth for multiple entrepreneurs and enterprises in building their products. Here are some key portfolio companies

We provide a variety of Web based services in several industry verticals –

Web based application & software development.

CMS or Content management system portal Development services on WordPress

Blogs, Widgets and Social Networking site development

e-Commerce Application Development

Technology stack

Web development: front end: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular.js, React native,CoffeeScript, back end: Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Django, servers: AWS, Digital Ocean, deployment: Capistrano + Puma, Mina + Puma, Shiplt, version control: Git, cms: Wordpress

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Our team of web developers have rich experience in designing and developing products across various industries like eCommerce, hiring, Digital payment solutions and more. foOfys works actively with early stage startups and enterprises in designing and developing web based products. Here are some key portfolio companies


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